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Way of the Master Seasons 1 – 4 (USB)


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Way of the Master television program, hosted by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. Seasons One through Four on a USB Flash Drive.

You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you watch Kirk Cameron witnessing to gang members in Santa Monica, and be delighted when you find out what happened five years later. You will be both entertained and equipped as you discover “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and listen to dozens of wonderful teachings such as “How to Get in Fire for God” and “True and False Conversion.” You’ll watch Ray Comfort being held by police in Italy and come close to being beaten by a mob while open-air preaching in Jerusalem. Follow the team as they preach open-air in Europe in 13 countries in just 13 amazing days.

Through the marvels of modern technology, you will get one power-packed, dynamic thumb drive USB that is pregnant with 52 amazing HD episodes of the groundbreaking, award-winning TV program—seen in over 190 countries. Let it give birth in your life or the life of your family or your church today. You will never be the same after watching these inspiring and equipping 52 episodes on your computer, phone, tablet, or your TV.


Episode #1: The Firefighter
Be challenged by a fictitious but powerful analogy called “The Firefighter.” Join Kirk Cameron as he gives a running commentary (using hidden cameras) while Ray Comfort shares his faith with strangers.

Episode #2: The Mirror of the Ten Commandments
What was the secret to the success of preachers such as Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley, George Whitefield and others that God has used down through the ages? That is the foundational teaching for the entire series.

Episode #3: The Motive of the Sinner
The reason a sinner responds to the gospel determines whether or not he continues in his faith. This is a vital teaching. Multitudes are being inoculated to the true gospel, because of a lack of understanding when it comes to this principle.

Episode #4: The Summary of Salvation
Join Kirk and Ray for further vital teaching. This is foundational and will be built on in future episodes. The principles taught are truly life-changing and absolutely necessary, if we we want to reach this lost and dying world with the message of the gospel.

Episode #5: Practice What You Preach
You will learn to open a conversation with a stranger and how to make that difficult transition to the spiritual, as you watch Kirk and Ray role-playing typical witnessing encounters.

Episode #6: Idolatry – The Darling Sin of Humanity
In this episode you will discover why idolatry is the deadliest of all sins. You’ll learn how to make judgment “reasonable.” And you’ll learn the legitimate place of fear when it comes to presenting the gospel.

Episode #7: Atheism
Never again do you need to be intimidated by an atheist. Learn how to prove God’s existence and effectively witness to these so-called “intellectuals”.

Episode #8: W.D.J.D?
What did Jesus do when it came to reaching the lost? This episode will help you to remember key stepping stones to powerful Biblical principles.

Episode #9: Blasphemy, Sabbath & Parents
What do you say to someone who has just blasphemed? Do you confront him? Must a person keep the Sabbath? Is the fifth of the Ten Commandments relevant when it comes to reaching the lost?

Episode #10: Murder
How can this Commandment reveal the justice of God? Learn how to use it to reason with a sinner about the surety of a Judgment Day.

Episode #11: Adultery
How should you respond when someone says that lust is “natural”, or that pornography isn’t a sin because it doesn’t hurt anyone? See the power of this Commandment to bring the knowledge of sin.

Episode #12: Theft
Join Kirk and Ray as they show how the power of the Moral Law opens the eyes of blind sinners. Discover how sin hides in the human heart, and how it springs out through the door of temptation.

Episode #13: Lie and Covet
Learn how to use these two Commandments to show sinners their need of God’s mercy. See how using God’s holy Law to confront people about these “harmless” activities help them see sin in its true light.


Episode #14: God’s Wonderful Plan
Have you ever heard the phrase “God has a wonderful plan for your life”? Do you think it’s biblical? Before you answer, consider this — What would you say if you were able to preach to 1,000 people in Tower One of the World Trade Center, the day before it collapsed and killed them? Would you say that God had a “wonderful plan” for their lives? How could you say that when their lives are going to end the next day in the most horrible of ways? This episode not only exposes this popular yet unbiblical presentation, it shows how it actually limits the gospel to a certain segment of the world, and how it has the potential to fill the Church with false converts.

Episode #15: Conscience
What is the conscience, and why does it just speak to us on moral issues? See how the sinner’s conscience can work for you, when you learn to witness the way Jesus did.

Episode #16: Alcatraz, Al Capone, Alcohol
This episode was filmed at the infamous Alcatraz prison. In it you will discover how “prisons” entrap this world, and how God has given a key to unlock them.

Episode #17: True & False Conversion
The Bible has much to say on the subject of false conversion. This vital teaching will persuade you to remain within the bounds of Scripture when reaching out to the lost.

Episode #18: When Things Go Wrong
This episode, filmed in a boxing ring, shows that Kirk and Ray have had their share of witnessing encounters gone wrong. Watch as people walk away, cuss, spit, and punch during interviews.

Episode #19: The Satanic Influence
Satan’s influence isn’t always obvious. The father of lies is incredibly subtle. Among other things, he has infiltrated the Church and changed the message of the gospel.

Episode #20: How to Witness to Someone Who is Gay
Kirk and Ray go to San Francisco and West Hollywood to witness to homosexuals, showing how to share the way of salvation without causing undue offense.

Episode #21: Evolution
Is evolution scientific? Can it be proven? This isn’t your typical dry treatise on the subject. It is flavoured with lots of humour, beautiful photography, and good old fashioned common sense. Evolutionary believers themselves will show you how unintelligent this theory really is.

Episode #22: How to Witness to a Family Member
How do you best witness to your parents, siblings, children, or relatives? What do you say to them? Learn principles that will help you in this difficult area.

Episode #23: The Fear of God
Is it legitimate to use “fear” to bring sinners to the Savior? Discover the true meaning of the “fear of the Lord” and its legitimate place in the gospel presentation.

Episode #24: Ice Breakers (gospel tracts)
How do you break the ice when witnessing? At Grand Central Station, Kirk and Ray show how easy it is to use unique gospel tracts to begin conversations about everlasting life.

Episode #25: The Greatest Gamble
Kirk and Ray offer Las Vegas gamblers $10 million to play Russian roulette. Then they “up the stakes” and talk about life’s greatest gamble.

Episode #26: How to Get on Fire for God
Are you part of the “frozen chosen,” getting cold feet when sharing your faith? These simple yet incredibly practical principles will set you on fire for God in your daily life


Episode #27: Battle for the Lost
We are at war with a powerful, threefold enemy. But God has given us even more powerful weapons that can ensure victory for every soldier of Christ. Do you know what they are? “Battle for the Lost” will tell you and then climax with a wonderful, clear revelation of what God did for us at the Cross of Calvary. If you get a grip of this revelation, you will never again be powerless against the pleasures of sin or the glitter of this sinful world.

Episode #28: Where Has the Passion Gone?
There is nothing more important than to reach out to the unsaved. But this is something the Church won’t do if it doesn’t have a burning passion to see them safe in Christ. Having an all-consuming zeal for the lost should be the testimony of every Christian, but sadly few who profess to be in the contemporary Body of Christ have enough concern to make evangelism their obsession. “Where Has the Passion Gone?” will help to make God’s passion a reality in your own life.

Episode #29: Joe Average
Joe is a typical man. He doesn’t think much about the incredible creation that surrounds him, let alone the unspeakably incredible Creator who created him. Even though God gave him life, if you asked Joe if God had ever done anything for him, he probably couldn’t think of one thing. Each sunrise just reveals another average day for Joe Average. Well…not quite. There is nothing “average” about Joe or what he does each day. You will be delighted and encouraged by “Joe Average,” because he will make you see everything in a miraculous new light.

Episode #30: Caught in a Lie
Lying is usually a defense mechanism that we use to get ourselves off the hook. Sometimes we can tell when a person is lying, but other times it may not be so easy. “Caught in a Lie” will reveal why a “lie detector” doesn’t really detect lies. You will discover what happened when actor Kirk Cameron tried to fool a polygraph machine. Why did his heart rate and blood pressure suddenly increase when he answered certain questions? “Caught in a Lie” will also show you that there have been two reliable witnesses to every crime of this world. Do you know what they are?

Episode #31: The Divine Butler
America has been a land flowing “with milk and honey.” It has been rich, with an abundance of food, wealth, and prosperity. But in recent years, something has changed. We have been plagued with hundreds of killer tornadoes, terrifying hurricanes, massive foods and droughts, and an onslaught of cancer. Each year in the U.S. there are more than 189,000 new cases of prostate cancer and 203,000 cases of breast cancer. Over 2.3 million Americans will get cancer in the next year, many of whom will be children. Why are these tragedies happening in this nation? “The Divine Butler” will give you an insightful and thought-provoking perspective.

Episode #32: Why Christianity?
Imagine if you were offered a choice of four gifts: The original Mona Lisa, the keys to a brand new Lamborghini, ten million dollars in cash, or a parachute. Which would you choose? If you have ever asked what happens after we die, if there is a Heaven, or how good we have to be to go there, “Why Christianity?” will help you. If you have ever wondered which religion you should choose, if any, “Why Christianity?” will sort through the confusion so that you can make the best choice. Take the time to watch this carefully-there’s nothing more important than where you will spend eternity.

Episode #33: Jehovah’s Witnesses
The Jehovah’s Witnesses are best known for going door-to-door. You have probably seen them in your area, and more than likely they have knocked on your door. They recently spent over 1.2 billion hours in one year proclaiming the “good news of Jehovah and His Kingdom”. What do they believe, and more important, how can you effectively reach them with the truth? This episode will tell you what to say.

Episode #34: Mormonism
Who are the Mormons? They seem to be such moral, loving, family-oriented people. How did the Mormon church get started? What do they believe? Are they Christian or are they a cult? They say they believe the Bible, but what about the Book of Mormon, the golden tablets, and Heavenly Father and his wives living on their own planet? Will we become gods ruling our own planets? Did we all pre-exist before being born on this earth? Is Jesus really Lucifer’s brother . . . and what about being “baptized for the dead”? You will be amazed at what Mormons believe.

Episode #35: Are you a Genius?
Many people, attempting to show atheism to be “intellectual,” have claimed that Albert Einstein was an atheist. However, the brilliant scientist said the exact opposite. He said, “In the view of such harmony in the cosmos which I, with my limited human mind, am able to recognize, there are yet people who say there is no God. But what makes me really angry is that they quote me for support of such views.” Are you a Genius? Maybe you’re no Einstein, but do you consider yourself to be an intelligent person? “Are You a Genius?” will ask you seven fascinating questions that will help you to see how intelligent you really are.

Episode #36: Last Words of the Rich and Famous
We live in a beautiful world of breathtaking beauty, with clear blue skies, puffy clouds, an endless array of beautiful flowers, lush green grass, and magnificent tall trees. It truly is a wonderful world, made by a wonderful and loving God. But think about killer earthquakes, massive floods, terrifying hurricanes, fearful tornadoes, disease and death, and ask why a loving God would create these things. If you have ever wondered why there is so much suffering in this world, you will greatly appreciate “Last Words of the Rich and Famous.”

Episode #37: How to Find God’s Will
Have you ever wondered what God wants you to do with your life? That’s the ultimate question for the Christian. “How to Find God’s Will” clearly shows you that you can know what He wants you to do. We have only one chance at this unspeakably precious life, and if we miss God’s will, everything else we do is futile.

Episode #38: What Scares You?
What do you fear in life? What really scares you? Is it guns, or heights? Or maybe you are simply afraid of dying? Is it creepy spiders or venomous snakes? “What Scares You?” reveals that a venomous snake is hanging onto the hand of the Body of Christ, pouring in its venom of fear to paralyze you. That’s a fear none of us want. But did you know that there is another fear? It’s a fear that we can’t afford not to have . . .

Episode #39: Hollywood Be Thy Name
In the beginning Hollywood said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And there were cameras. And the spirit of Hollywood moved across the face of the earth. Hollywood created. It picked up unknowns from the soil of humanity and breathed into them the life of celebrity-a golden image, whose sole purpose was to bring in big money at the box office. But something went terribly wrong. In 1968 a serpent appeared in the garden. Movies became filled with blasphemy, adultery, and violence. The bright light that once was became a gross darkness, and Hollywood began to suffer the ultimate delusion of grandeur. Enthroning itself as God, it began to spout blasphemy against the heavens and became a law to itself. Hollywood answered to no one-not even God. So it believed.


In Season Four of The Way of the Master TV program, join Ray Comfort and his faithful team as they travel across thirteen countries in just thirteen days, witnessing to individuals and preaching open-air to crowds in each country. This unique and exciting adventure across the nations of Europe is hosted by Kirk Cameron.

Episode #40: The journey begins in Charles Spurgeon’s backyard: London. Not only was it the hometown of “The Prince of Preachers,” but it was also the stomping ground of other great open-air preachers such as John Wesley and George Whitefield. The capital of England is soaked in history and is filled with colorful figures. In this exciting episode hosted by Kirk Cameron, you will meet “Caroline,” a fascinating character you won’t easily forget.

Episode #41: Although Brussels is an amazing city, Belgium has been called an “evangelical wasteland.” You will be spellbound as a drunken crowd becomes unruly while listening to the gospel. Learn new words, such as “lustery”; how to respond to the philosophy of “moral relativism”; how to witness to an atheist; about Voltaire; and what the courageous William Tyndale did for you, in this fast-moving and informative episode.

Episode #42: Luxembourg is a landlocked country in Western Europe, bordered by Belgium, France, and Germany, and it’s a place that Ray Comfort and his team won’t easily forget. Not only is it where they witnessed to a knife-wielding gang, but it’s where they “hit the wall” and experienced exhaustion from a hectic schedule and lack of sleep. Learn biblical principles as Mark Spence shares the gospel, as Trish witnesses to a fascinating believer from the Baha’i faith, and as E.Z. uses the incredible amount paid for Di Vinci’s sketchbook to hold a crowd’s attention as he preaches open-air.

Episode #43: After visiting some rather refined areas, the team’s fourth stop, Amsterdam, proves a little rougher as it has a reputation as the place to go for drugs, legally. It is also known as the gay and lesbian capital of Europe, and then there’s the “Red Light District,” with its legalized prostitution. Find out what happens when a disaster hits the team that could destroy the whole tour; learn the root cause of Europe’s fall into atheistic humanism; and meet some interesting characters, in this fast-moving and absorbing episode.

Episode #44: Paris — the romance capital of the world. Watch tourists look on with stark horror at the team’s antics in front of the Eiffel Tower. See what happens when Ray and Scotty open-air preach in front of the Notre Dame cathedral. Learn about the common error of “deconstructionism,” why reincarnation makes no sense, and what to say when atheists and skeptics tell you that you can’t know what happens after you die. You will also meet “Alan,” a most colorful and delightful Parisian character.

Episode #45: In Monaco the team had been forbidden by the palace authorities from interviewing anyone in the streets, so it looked like there was no way they were going to preach open air. Monaco has the largest police force in the world, both per capita and per the size of the country, and the last thing the team wanted was to get into trouble with the police. But an amazing thing happened that made open-air preaching possible. Watch the usual fascinating interviews, and then cross to California for an in-depth look at the incredible Ambassadors’ Academy.

Episode #46: In Italy, the team preaches the gospel to a large crowd outside a famous Catholic church in beautiful Milan. Watch as an angry undercover police officer circles like a hungry shark before making his move. Two members were then held and interrogated by the Italian police as the rest of the team earnestly prayed—-and saw God wonderfully intervene. You will be grieved as today’s lost youth try to justify murder, lying, stealing, and adultery, and a man accuses Jesus of being involved with a prostitute, and encouraged not to worry if your “goose is cooked.”

Episode #47: Zurich, Switzerland, is perhaps one of the last places on earth that you would expect to confront a group of chanting Hare Krishnas. But the team does, and you will be dumbfounded at what they believe they must do to find everlasting life. Among other things, you will learn why it’s okay to eat meat, discover why they have ponytails, and see the horrific end-result of a morally relativistic worldview. Watch as a team member uses a chart to teach a Swiss crowd about the amazing human genome. You will enjoy seeing colorful people, as they say astonishing things and hear the biblical gospel.

Episode #48: In the land of Hitler, how do Germans today view the horrific Holocaust? What do they believe about God? In this episode we’ll examine the question of whether evil in the world is an argument against God, and whether He’s “fine” with all the drunkenness at the world’s largest beer party, Oktoberfest. Watch the team demonstrate to a crowd how to break free from the “straitjacket” of death that confines us, learn how to use circumstantial priorities to help people see their need for God, and view a practical demonstration of the free gift of grace. You will see faces sober as they hear the gospel — both one-to-one and in a fascinating open-air.

Episode #49: What country in Europe has over two million people, most of whom are agnostic or atheist, and yet has in the heart of its largest city a centuries-old clock commemorating the Twelve Apostles? The answer is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is as colorful and as crowded as a New York City sidewalk, but as quaint as a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. In this episode you will learn how to speak to someone who believes in the theory of evolution and discover that a “missing link” has finally been found! You’ll meet a non-Christian name Christian who might believe in God but not in the Bible; be reminded to be a “fisher of men”; and learn the answer to why bad things happen to good people.

Episode #50: Austria’s capitol is Vienna, a city synonymous with romance and beautiful music. Up until 1938, Vienna was a music-capital of the world, playing host to a string of noted composers such as Brahms, Bruckner, Mahler and, of course, Johann Strauss. Like many other cities in Europe, it’s also a stronghold for atheism and evolution. Join “E.Z.” as he uses September 11th as an open air springboard, meet an atheist who thinks he’s a primate and believes in God, and join Ray as he has a knife in his back while he asks locals the revealing “three minutes to live” question.

Episode #51: The beautiful city of Budapest has nothing to do with Buddha or with pests. It’s the capital of Hungary and it desperately needs the gospel. In this episode, you will witness a divine encounter with a Christian who needs encouragement and meet someone who was saved through a gospel tract. Did you know that even the most staunch atheist lives by faith? Find out why our conscience is a faithful ally, why you can’t just tell God you’re sorry and be forgiven, and then get some quick training in the use of Latin on a fast-moving train with Todd Friel.

Episode #52: Catch up with the team on the final leg of their journey as they preach open air in a university in Timisoara, Romania. Watch a colorful atheist (wearing a Christian T-shirt) heckle Ray and then squirm under the weight of God’s Law. Also meet a man who told Kirk he thinks it’s okay to rape small children (check his friend’s reaction to that!), and see a tough-looking tattooed man become penitent under the sound of the gospel. Finally, in this last episode in the series, learn the number one pitfall after returning home from a missions trip.

“Thanks to Kirk and Ray for seeking to motivate believers to fulfill the Great Commission, and for staying true to the biblical message of repentance from sin and forgiveness in Christ.” John MacArthur

“The Way of the Master is a fresh new television program that grabs your attention from the opening scene and sustains it throughout the entire program. The interviews with people on the street are a vivid revelation of the terrible need people have for the Christ of the Gospel. I was encouraged and motivated, and you will be too.” David Jeremiah

“I love this television show.” Janet Parshall

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