New Believer Gift Pack


The small package gives a new believer or seeker an excellent start.

It is professionally shrink-wrapped to protect the book from damage, and feels even more valuable when handed out.

Included in The Bible’s Four Gospel’s:

  • The Ten Commandments
  • Introduction
  • Why Christianity
  • Gospel of Matthew
  • Gospel of Mark
  • Gospel of Luke
  • Gospel of John
  • Answers to Common Questions About Christianity
    • How do you know God exists?
    • Who made God?
    • Why do bad things happen?
    • How could a loving God create Hell?
    • How do you know the Bible is true?
    • What about Bible contradictions?
    • Why so many Bible translations?
    • What about people who have never heard of Jesus?
    • Why worry about Hell? All my friends will be there.
    • Why is the church full of hypocrites?
    • What kind of God would order the death of children?
    • How do you know Jesus rose from the dead?
    • How do you know Jesus is God?
    • How can you know you are “saved”?
  • Appendices
    • Save Yourself Some Pain
    • Seek and Save the Lost the Way Jesus Did
    • Resources

Also included is a Pen and a Million Dollar Note as a bookmark.

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