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Multilingual Comic QR Cards – 50pk


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In stock

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54 x 89mm 305GSM synthetic (Super Tough)
Printed on synthetic card stock (like a business card, but waterproof & almost tear-proof, )

The QR code on this card links directly to the full version of our multi-lingual “Are you a good person – Comic” website page.
It will automatically redirect the user to their native language based on their phone’s language settings, the first time they visit the link.

Although this card can be used with anyone, it is especially ideal when you’ve met someone who doesn’t understand English very well. Simply ask them to scan the QR code, and they can read the gospel message from their phone. Keep a few of these with you each time you go out.

We’ve listed the available languages on the back of the card. More languages are being worked on.

We’ve also made a companion plastic card that you can keep in your wallet permanently: Available Here.

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Dimensions 9 × 5 × 2 cm

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